General FAQ

  • What is GoInstaCare?
  • GoInstaCare is leading tech-based caregiving marketplace that connects care seekers with the best care providers, anytime, anywhere and all at a very affordable rate. It's a one-stop destination for persons seeking quality care providers.

  • What kind of Services are available with GoInstaCare?
  • GoInstaCare care providers render a very wide range of services like:

    • Senior care
    • Child care
    • Pet care
    • House care

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  • Do you employ care providers at GoInstaCare?
  • No, GoInstaCare does not employ care providers, we only help care seekers get the best quality care they need at a very affordable rate.

  • How does GoInstaCare operate?
  • We operate on two fronts - care seekers and care providers.

    For care seekers: We hear from you and guide you on the best type of care to suite your unique circumstance and match you with the best care providers available from the list of well-trained, properly vetted care providers registered with us.

    For care providers: We receive your online application to be registered as a care provider with GoInstaCare, do some assessment and register you if you pass the assessment. We then match you with care seekers as jobs become available.

  • Is GoInstaCare liable for the action of care seekers and/or care providers?
  • No, GoInstaCare provides information, tools and guidance to help care seekers connect with the best care providers and vice versa. We are however not liable for the actions or either party, care seekers are solely responsible for selecting appropriate care providers and vice versa. Each individual (care seeker and care provider) is also solely responsible for abiding by all applicable laws relating their transaction of business.

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FAQ for care seekers

  • Do you screen you care providers?
  • Yes, to ensure that we match care seekers with only the best, we run checks on any care provider who wishes to register with GoInstaCare. Checks include: background checks, motor vehicle record checks and Social Security Number checks among others.

  • How do I post a job on the GoInstaCare App?
  • Posting a new job on the GoInstaCare App is just 2 steps away:

    Step 1: Tap the care type on your dashboard/home in the GoInstaCare App. (Click Home button at the bottom left of your screen to go to Home Page).

    Step 2: Fill in important details of your requirement: where you need the service, number of hours, rate per hour, description of the job and any other important details that would guide the care provider(s).

  • Is my information safe?
  • Yes, your confidential details like payment details and passwords are completely safe. They are encrypted and stored safely. We however share specific details of your job requirements with care providers with your consent

  • Can I cancel a job on the GoInstaCare App?
  • Yes, GoInstaCare is all about ease and flexibility

  • How do I cancel a job on the GoInstaCare App?
  • Step 1: Tap the "Bookings" tab on your GoInstaCare App and go to Current or Future Bookings, this will show you a list of all your jobs (both open and closed).

    Step 2: Select the specific job you wish to cancel, tap the "Cancel Job" button and click "yes" on the confirmation page that pops up. If there are too many jobs, you can filter them by date.

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FAQ for care providers

  • As a care provider with GoInstaCare, how many hours must I work daily?
  • There are no fixed number of hours for you to work. Working with GoInstaCare is very flexible, you can work as much or as little as you want. With GoInstaCare, you can perfectly balance your work with life!

  • How do I run a background check in the GoInstaCare App?
  • Running a background check on yourself is highly advantageous as you'll have it ready to share when applying for jobs. To run a background check on yourself in the GoInstaCare App, follow these steps:

    Step 1: In the GoInstaCare App, click "My Background Checks".

    Step 2: Select the background check you'd like to run.

    Step 3: Fill out your legal and billing information in the forms provided.

    Step 4: Authorize the background check and confirm your selection by selecting "Yes" in the pop up.

    Speak with a GoInstaCare Advisor now to guide you on the best kind of service you need and the best financing option available.

  • Do I pay for background checks requested by care seekers?
  • Initially you pay 25$ for background checks but we pay you back as you finish total of 40 hours of work and get paid through the app.

  • Do you accept background check results from other places?
  • No, GoInstaCare does not accept background checks from other places aside that conducted via the GoInstaCare App. This is to avoid fraud and promote trust by our care seekers.

  • Do I need to run background checks every time I apply for a job?
  • No, you don't need to run a new background check each time you apply for a job with GoInstaCare unless your previous background check is no longer valid as would be the case if it is older than 6 months.

  • Why do I need stripe account?
  • You need a Stripe account because that’s how you will get paid by customers for completed jobs/tasks. When you get hired by a care seeker and you satisfactorily complete the task, you receive payment for your service with your Stripe account from where you can either transfer it to your bank or use it to shop online.

  • Do you provide insurance?
  • We pay for your personal insurance purchased from [kindly insert link to insurance company you intend to use here] as you keep working and getting paid through our app. However, you have to pay for the initial insurance. Also, note that clients generally prefer care providers who have their own insurance.

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